In my opinion if there was ever a country guaranteed to capture the hearts and imaginations of travelers, it might be Iceland. This small Nordic nation in the North Atlantic Ocean is an isolated island which is part of the 10º stage of Giraventura's Project.

One of the reasons I chose Iceland to ride is due to the fact this small country emphasizes preserving and protecting nature itself. Particularly I'm fond of this nature connectedness which means sustainability-related outcomes to me!

I know icelanders have the reputation of maintaining the authenticity of its wild and untouched landscapes and this really excites me.

It has been 10 years I ride alone through this planet and now will be not different. So I will reach Reykjavik in May 28th and will start this facinating experience from May 31st during 50 days.

Hope you follow this journey on my social media and Garmin device. See you there!

1- Instagram is one of the biggest social networking in the world with a focus on sharing photos and videos.

Use this link for interaction: https://www.instagram.com/projetogiraventura/

2- InReach Garmin is a two-way satellite communicator that works where cell phones don't. It uses the Iridium satellite network, which has pole-to-pole coverage (keep reading for reader confirmation from Antartica), to send and receive data.

Use this link for interaction: https://share.garmin.com/giraventura

3- Giraventura Blog is quite old-fashioned but it still works. You will find here less text, a lot of information and plenty of images and stories.

Use this link for interaction: https://www.giraventura.com.br/

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