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Please note: This site does not offer legal or medical advice. Wednesday, July 16, 2012 How to Use a Safety Needle How to Use a Safety Needle (written by Carolynn R. Thalmes) A safety needle is a fine-point needle made specifically for the purpose of the injection or withdrawing blood from a puncture wound, and it should not be confused with a regular needle. Most of them are self-sheathing, but some may not. Safety needles should not be confused with regular needles. Use them by: • Using with smaller caliber needles is less likely to break when inserted into a human body (usually 22 or 24 gauge) • Using in puncture wounds is less likely to cause hemorrhaging • Using them with syringes that you’ve used with other needles before is the safest way to practice. (Not all drugstores sell safety needles.) • You may put the needle back into a syringe of your regular medication Please note that some safety needles may not be designed to be self-sheathing. To make sure the needle sheathes completely, some people hold the needle with a thumb and forefinger while pushing the needle up into the body. Some safety needles are covered with a “handle” that can be removed by pulling the outer sheath off the needle. Because of this, make sure you don’t reuse the needle. If you are uncertain about the needle’s sheath, please ask a pharmacist for assistance. The risks associated with injecting oneself with a safety needle are few and far between. There are usually very few risks involved with the use of a safety needle, but even a small risk of hepatitis or HIV can be considered a serious health threat. It’s best to be safe than sorry! Safety needles are easy to locate in a pharmacy. You can also purchase a self-sheathing safety needle with a self-sheathing plastic handle. This is a great way to prepare yourself for emergencies because you can practice without worrying about piercing the skin. Just as you should always carry some form of protection when you travel, you should never leave home without protection when handling needles. Safety needles are an effective safety tool. If you find this article helpful, please consider sharing it with someone who is also a needle stick victim and/or is new to using safety



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The Piercing Bible-torrent.torrent
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